History of the Mountain
  Seaview Farm has been a part of life at Tamborine right from the start...
  Mt Tamborine's history started in 1870 when Edmund Ford Curtis and his brother Sydney first walked up the mountain. They settled there, selecting land in April 1877.
Seaview Farm was first established around 1900 by Bob Jenyns. Bob was the grandfather of the current owner, Teena Hansford.
The first slab hut, built on the farm by Bob Jenyns has been rebuilt and is now the Seaview Farm Reception Hut.  
Bobby Jenyns sold the farm to the Hansford family in 1936 and since then the farm has been operated by the Hansfords, initially Ruby and then her son Ned and his wife Eleanor.  
Ned and Eleanor's son Russell Hansford is the current owner.  
If you are interested in the history of the area or the development of the farm spend a few minutes looking at Seaview through the ages in our 100 year old replica Reception Hut.  
The farm has been in the family for the last 100 years spanning across both Russell and Teena's families. Initially run as a dairy and vegetable farm, Seaview now doubles as a cattle farm and a luxury retreat.



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